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Tree of Life Lutheran Church

Tree of Life Lutheran Church  Outdoor Worship Guidelines

Please bring your own chair and a mask.

Please be respectful of others and wear a mask.throughout the service 

For our outdoor service, the altar will be in the parking lot, and the seating area in the grass. 

To adhere to social distancing, the yard will be marked with X’s which will be approximately  8 feet apart this allows for room for your chair and then having the 6 foot distance between the next person/s). People from the same household may sit together.

Paper bulletins will be available. In addition, a QR code to download a pdf file of the bulletin to your mobile device will be available.


The side door will be unlocked for anyone who needs use of the restroom only 

When you arrive:

An usher will welcome you and take attendance. 

Please take a prefilled communion cup, copy of the Celebrate and a bulletin

There will be a basket for offerings. 

Place your chair on an X.   

During the service 

All members are asked to keep their mask on during the service and only remove them to receive  Holy Communion. 

 “No singing please”

Instead softly say the words, clap your hands to the music or hum along . You can also just enjoy Duane’s music and let the music fill your soul.

Sharing of the Peace 

During this portion of the service, we ask that you just wave or nod to someone close to you.  

After the service 

Please be respectful and give members time to gather their chairs and return to their cars.

Deposit used communion cups in the trash can  

Please share your experience today with Sylvia  at  

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