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Tree of Life Lutheran Church

We have a new Pastor! On November 20th, we voted to call Pastor Robbie Ketcham as our Pastor. He will begin serving on December 1st and preside over our Sunday service on December 4th. Welcome, Pastor Ketcham!

Sunday, November 27, was Pastor Johnson's and Pastor Guldner's last day with us.
Farewell Pastors Greg and Jim Guldner.

Read the current announcements in our monthly Newsletter:
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The YouTube channel TOLLCDE-WORSHIPis at:

See our Burning Bush for details.

First Communion Class? Yes! Again, please see our Burning Bush for details.


Did you remember to sign in? Although the attendance sheet was initially used as a COVID precaution, it now replaces the black folders that were in the first seat on each row, and needs to be completed. 

Continuing Sunday morning learning about the New Testament at 9 AM. Service at 10:30.

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